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CSS Evolution Facts and History

Cascading Style Sheets, or simply CSS, sure did gave contributions to the past, present and will continue to do so in the future. We should give gratitude to the proponents of this idea. Since it kept on enhancing and developing, we should wait and see what their next step would be. I bet everyone will

The State of Facebook

THE RUMOR IS that sometime this year the young Mr. Mark Zuckerberg will be richer than…well, not Bill Gates, but richer than the late Steve Jobs. It will be the result of the first public offering of stock for Facebook–the business, web site, and cultural phenomenon created by Zuckerberg. Investors talk about it in terms

Aadhar Project: Stakes & Stakeholders

Aadhar project (UID project) is as multifaceted as the Indian subcontinent itself – it threads across cities, villages, corporations, network grids and data centers before reaching the common Indian man. The complex mosaic of stakes and stakeholders in the UID project is depicted in this Infographic. Link

South African Internet Users

This infographic provides data for people in South Africa and internet use. It breaks down internet use by demographic, what type of internet being used, and how much it’s being used. Link

The Recession and America’s Prisons

In 2009, more than 7.2 million people in America were in prison, jail, on probation or parole. That’s 500,000 more than the entire population of Washington state. Here, we break down America’s prison demographics, look at President Obama’s 2012 budget for prison spending, and show you which states saw a decline — or an increase

The Most Stressful Christmas Music

With the Christmas season drawing to a close, this infographic runs down the most stressful Christmas tunes that have been oppressing us all through the Christmas shopping period – whilst saluting a few that actually make us feel a little more relaxed Link

Back in Black: Prepping for Black Friday

While most Americans plan to spend a relaxing night at home after the traditional Thanksgiving feast, others gear up for another tradition: Black Friday 2011. Here’s a look at how the sleepless night ofksavings is shaping up this year – including shoppers’ unbelievable, but true stories! Link