Monthly Archive:: July 2012

How Safe is Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is commonly used by the police to disperse crowds, but realistically, how safe is pepper spray. This infographic takes a look at what kind of peppers pepper spray is made of, how it works, and how it can cause fatal or permanent eye damage to people. Link

Home Run Kings’ Path to 600

The first super bowl was held on January 15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Since then the super bowl has become the largest sporting event in the United States. In this graphic we take a look at the records and milestones of past years. Link

Why buy a real Christmas tree?

We created this infographic as part of the “Buy A Real Christmas Tree” campaign for It shows the reasons why people should buy a real Christmas tree and not an artificial one. Link

Medical Job Interview Questions and What They Really Meant

This infographic looks at the estimated energy demand for 2030 and how much surface area of the earth would be required to power the entire planet using off shore wind power. It is measured in kilometers and a color code chart shows what each area of surface means when it comes to energy and powering

Interesting Facts About Black Rock

This manual should show every employee how your company is breathing sales both online and offline and what kind of activities (KPI) you are expecting from your sales people on daily basis. Link

Shopping on iPhone

More and more people are shopping directly on their iPhones. Check out how this trend has grown in the past year and how it will likely continue to grow in the future Link