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Western Civilization’s Historical Guide job search

This infographic was created to highlight some of the findings from our 2011 study of wedding insurance. This shows the sale of over 2,000 insurance policies with the aim of finding out not only more about the wedding insurance market, but also about the UK wedding market in general. The study revealed things like average

The Golden Age of Giving: Which Countries Shell Out the Most Foreign Aid?

Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to foreign aid. Small countries can have deep pockets too — and some are much deeper than their larger neighbors. Take Norway, for example. The $4.58 billion it gives away is almost double what Switzerland donates – impressive already, but when you consider the Scandinavian kingdom’s scant

Asian Longhorned Beetle Killing New York City Trees

What a novel concept, an infographic that actually gives information that is crucial and possibly life-changing…at least to some trees. While not a true infographic in the most strict and classical sense of the word, it does graphically display the area where the Asian Longhorned Beetle is having a devastating affect on the trees in

The Radical Growth of App Economy

through app developmentThe app economy has been growing exponentially in the past couple of years. Smartphone platforms have become great job creators in this day and age. It has been only a short few years since iPhone made its debut. Now Apple apps have been downloaded billions of times. This infographic shows the radical growth

GDP Growth Tree

Comparative view of the GDP growth rates of Sudan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Angola and Kazakhstan.

Cell Phone Operating Systems

Around the world, people have come to rely on smartphones. These phones have many of the same basic capabilities of a computer and their operating systems vary depending on the brand of the phone and user preference. While iPhoneOS, Symbian and RIM are the most popular mobile operating systems worldwide, other operating systems, such as

The Anatomy of Mobile Phone Usage

Mobile phones are often referred as an extension of ourselves. We use them all the time, even in the most incongruous times or places. Good news, here’s a an interesting infographic that give some very valuable insights on how we use our mobile phones. Link