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The 12 Movies with the Dirtiest Mouths

“If you don’t watch your language, I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap.” If these movies had mom’s they would have the cleanest mouths in town once she was done with them. This infographic tallies up how many times the word “fuck” was used in the following movies and the results would make

The Mobile App Ecosystem

Since we have the world’s largest database of apps, we thought it was about time we crunch the numbers, and share some information with the world. We hereby present the first ever Quixey infographic! We are obsessed with apps, math and everything else infographics. Link

You Say It, Xbox 360 Finds it

Kinect enables you to control video games thru motion sensing technology and transforming yourself into a human remote controller. Fortunately, today Microsoft Corporation uncovers another technological advancement namely the ability of the owner of Xbox 360 to search photos, videos, and tv show on Xbox Live thru his/her voice harnessing the power of Microsoft’s Kinect

Hotmail’s Graymail: Their Plan of Attack

Turns out true spam is not the only bothersome occupant of inboxes everywhere. Hotmail just identified another culprit: spam’s cousin, graymail. Hotmail has developed a plan to rid users everywhere of newsletters, offers and notifications they legitimately receive — but no longer want — by taking aim at graymail. Take a look at Hotmail’s plan

History of Online Education

Your online education search starts here at Education Online with insight, articles, and advice about online education programs and schools. Strengthen your future goals, at your pace. Link

Skateboarding in Australia

In October 2009, the Queensland government started putting bans on skateboarders. This has many people frustrated who see these added rules as unnecessary. This infographic shows why skateboarding is beneficial to Australia’s youth and not as dangerous as some people might think. Link

21 Awful Truths About 9/11

A fireball erupts from the south tower of the World trade Center after it was struck by a plane on 9/11. It took firefighters 100 days to extinguish all the fires ignited by the attacks. Link

The Online Dating Ecosystem

Online dating has exploded, as people have become busier and less able to meet those of the opposite (or same) sex. This graphic shows an overview of the ecosystem in place for online dating websites. Link

Pinterest: USA vs UK

I risultati della campagna di Social Media Marketing messa in atto per l’edizione 2012 di Arte Fiera, fiera internazionale di arte contemporanea che si svolge ogni anno a Bologna, raccolti in un’infografica Link