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Caregivers’ Wishlist

A reader survey indicating family caregivers’ preference among a selection of government support programs, such as tax breaks, paid work leave and transportation services. Link

The Oscars as Told on Twitter

Multitasking while watching tv is fairly common these days and a growing favorite is to live tweet during a major event. There perhaps is no better example of this than during the 83rd annual Academy Awards. Were you just sharing your one liners about James Franco with the people in the room, or did you

Airport Facts

The Serengeti is one of Africa’s most recognizable wild places, famed for its picture-perfect plains and vast herds of migrating wildebeest. Unfortunately, its future is under threat as plans to build a commercial highway through the northern Serengeti gain momentum. The road could potentially devastate the delicate ecosystem and the great migration, as well as

iPhone 5: Are You a Fanboy?

In the coming days, if you don’t restrain your enthusiasm for Apple’s new iPhone introductions, you’ll invariably be called fanboy or fangirl (fanperson?). A definitive diagnosis of Apple Fanboy Syndrome, which not only confirmed our suspicions, but showed us why these product launches get Apple fans so beside themselves with anticipation of the company’s latest

Japan Earthquake 2011 Dashboard

I just wrote a blog about how we mashed up data from the USGS web site so we could get an understanding of the Japan catastrophe. We wanted to do it because we thought it would be a good training exercise in using Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot. But when we got the data ready, we