Monthly Archive:: August 2012

I Can See You

Radar stands for radio detecting and ranging. This infographic explains what radars are and how different radars work. Link

Internet Marketing

Check out this great new infographic from Customer Paradigm designer Christine Betz, which illustrates our integrated approach to SEO, Search Advertising, Social Media, and Email Marketing For more information about internet marketing with Customer Paradigm, call us at 303.473.4400 or contact us to speak to a real person now. Link

Canadian Provincial Taxes

This graphic shows the amount of tax charged in each province of Canada and breaks it down by GST, PST and HST. Provided by iGlobal Exports Link

What Are People Doing Online?

Almost 80 percent of American adults use the Internet. Have you ever wondered what they’re doing online? Are they emailing, online shopping, or streaming YouTube videos? Find out below. Link

The Pulse Of Education Around The World

Education is a universal concern, and fortunately, the past few decades have seen significant increases in quality, opportunity and participation. Which regions of the world have seen the strongest growth and how do those improvements breakdown among education levels? Link

Netflix Survey

Netflix did a survey asking people if Angelina Jolie and Russel Brand made a movie together what would be to describe it? The answers of the survey can be seen below.