Monthly Archive:: September 2012

COM 521 – Digital Display Assignment

The infographic displays the creation of the KONY 2012 documentary / movement with the use of pictures. On the left side, the rhetorical components of logos, pathos and ethos are displayed. On the right side is today’s application and the idea of online community, social activism and community. Link

How to Choose The Best Airplane Seat

Air travel can be such a chore. Not only are wait times and baggage claims a seemingly unending hassle, airplanes can also be extremely uncomfortable especially on long, international trips. However, the right seat choice could make your trip a little more bearable.

MLB 3000 Hit Club

Every summer, the football fans go crazy for the football transfer market. Each club announces big operations and the superstars are courted with millions of Euros. Link

A Visual Guide to Pissing Off The Financial World

This infographic looks at the financial mess from the past few years and breaks down where it went all wrong. This graph looks at the American International Group (AIG) in particular and looks back on how it got into so much financial trouble. It even has a “Pissed Off” O-Meter to make everything clear. Link

Brand Awareness on the Web

Opening a new online retailer can be a tricky endeavor. You are competing with thousands of other Websites that are trying to make themselves more visible via search. Without that visibility, customers will not find your products and buy them. Here are some things you can do to put yourself in the running. Link

Mad About March Madness

We’ve commissioned this infographic to show the scale of the upcoming Olympic Games in London by the numbers. There’s some interesting info there! Link