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Does Raising Taxes Help or Hurt Job Creation?

We’ve heard the rhetoric from both sides about the relationship between tax rates and job growth. Some argue that increasing tax rates will hamper entrepreneurial activity and destroy jobs. Others contend that trickle-down economics simply won’t work. Here’s a look at who is saying what about one of the biggest policy debates in America today.

Cool As A… Carrot?

Our latest survey, involving hundreds of participants, has revealed some fascinating facts about body shapes and the way we see ourselves. Link

The Ultimate French Fry Guide

Want to find out which fast food french frires ranks the best for flavor, crunchiness and salt proportion? Check out this cool infographic to find out. Link

Royal Wedding Snapshot: Who Got the Most Buzz

Over the last few months, there has a massive amount of hype surrounding the geolocation war between Foursquare and Gowalla, two of the biggest players in the space. The intensity reached critical mass during this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, where the two mobile apps squared off for geolocation domination. Link

The Changing Face of the World Economy

I’ve seen a lot of GDP charts, and a lot of bubble graphs, but vanishingly few are as good as this one, designed by Joe Swainson. It crams voluminous narrative and data into a single, simple chart. Link

2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends

Hispanics are comprised of many races and nationalities, speak several languages and span the socio-economic spectrum. And irrespective of language or national origin, they share many commercially appealing traits: they are younger, open to new brand opportunities, upwardly mobile, and eager to embrace the “American experience”. Link

How to Make a Successful App

Making an app doesn’t seem easy but with a guide there is a way that anyone can do it. This infographic provides a step by step guide on how to develop an application.

Scheduling Conflict

Everyday there are thousands of burglaries across the nation. While your local police work hard to keep crime rates low, practicing home security safety is one of the best ways to stay protected. LifeShield’s latest infographic details the facts you need to know about residential burglaries, why you may be at risk, and the steps

Grandfather Frost and Santa Claus

Both Santa Claus and the Russian version Grandfather Frost bring children gifts for children, but they have many differences. This infographic provides a visual for both characters and lists their differences. Link

Digital Cartography of International Design

If you knew nothing about the profession and practice of design, you could do a simple Google search for the word “design” and see what came up. This visualization shows the top 50 results from that Google search. 56% of the results were related to design, or valid, and 44% were not valid. The results