Monthly Archive:: October 2012

The State of the Internet 2009

This infographic looks at who is using the Internet the most, how they are using it and how much the amount of usage is increasing. Though an equal number of men and women are online, their age, educational background and level of income may influence how much time they spend. Link

The Appetite for T.V Apps

Apps are popular, but among all the apps, T.V apps seem to be one of the most popular, so much so that over 500 million t.v apps have been downloaded worldwide. This infographic provides information for the most popular t.v apps and where in the world they are being downloaded. Link

The Freshers Week Survival Guide

This infographic is targeted at students who are attending their Fresher’s Week, it is a health guide which offers health advice and information on common illnesses and dangers being a Fresher. Link

Google and User Data

Google’s main platform and product is search and the company is committed to delivering a quality search experience to its user. But how are they doing this? A large part of it is through watching you. Google is constantly collecting user data in order to customize search for you. Here’s how Google gathers your personal