Monthly Archive:: October 2012

The Government’s Influence on the Cos…

While food prices may be on the decline the cost of consuming processed and unhealthy food hits us elsewhere. How is the food supply affecting the population and what can the government do to help? This infographic looks at food subsidies and the cost of cheap food today. Link

Some Top Features of Upcoming Windows 8

The new upcoming Windows 8 is already became so popular because of its exciting user interface and number of cool features. We have already shared the Windows 8 themes and skin packs for you to experience the upcoming the look and feel of Windows 8 on your existing system with Windows 7 installed. Link

Tiger Shark – The Ocean’s Garbage Can

Tiger Sharks have been given the nickname “The Oceans Garbage Can” because they’ll eat just about anything. Check out some of the strange things that have been found inside tiger shark stomachs. Link

The Top Ten Screening Mistakes by Recruiters

This infographic about mistakes that recruiters make when screening candidates was contributed by Resoomay. Resoomay is a new cloud based, SaaS tool for creating greater hiring efficiencies. Using Resoomay, you can design custom interviews for precise screening of candidates. Screening mistakes will never go away, but it’s a recruiter’s job to try to reduce these

How Social is B2B?

Often times it’s a challenge to convince small business that starting a blog can significantly help their marketing and increase their sales. We feel this problem stems from the lack of being able to see the “big picture” of small business blogging. We’ve put together this infographic to illustrate how small business blogs increase sales

New Mafia Dog

There are now even more reasons to play Gbanga with the launch of the first location-based digital pet: Mafia Dog. The customisable canine companion is given to every Mafioso who distinguishes themselves by reaching Level 10 in Gbanga Famiglia. The Mafia Dog adds a new element of responsibility and rewards to players who must interact

The Business of Football

An all-time and 2010-2011 season comparison between Burdujan and Banel Nicolita. They were both playing for Steaua Bucharest at that time. Link