Monthly Archive:: October 2012

Obama’s Secret Surge

President Obama pledged to unwind the international follies of the Bush Administration, but what has he actually changed? As U.S. troops begin a drawdown in Afghanistan, and continue one in Iraq, NEWSWEEK crunched the most comprehensive publicly available data in search of an answer. Link

Financial Lessons from Comic Book Heroes

Superheros have super abilities (hence the name). Can they offer super financial advice? They sure can super try. Super! (Note: the credit at the bottom is inaccurate. These are most certainly not all Stan Lee’s characters nor are they all from Marvel. Not so super.) Link

Financial Lifecycle

As the stages of our lives move forward so does our financial status. This infographic takes a look at our Financial Life Cycle to provide a tool to follow and model after. Link

Girl Talk Visualized

Extraordinary music visualization work by Tiffany Farrant for FastCo. This graphic unlocks the musical DNA of Girl Talk’s latest album All Day as Gregg Gillis mixes literally dozens of songs to create each track. Really fun to follow along with the music if you can. Link