Monthly Archive:: October 2012

A Year of Twitter

2010 was an amazing year for Twitter as it exploded from a web curiosity to everyday necessity . This infographic looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly for this social media wonder in 2010. Link

Words On Fire

An analysis of which words (in post titles) got the most attention on Hacker News based on data from Link

The Facts about Bottled Water

We drink a lot of bottled water in America. Answers to questions about where it comes from, how much waste it produces, and various costs and benefits of getting our H2O in bottled form can be found here. Link

How are Smartphones Being Used?

Did you know that just recently smartphone penetration hit 40 percent? Have you ever wondered though how those smartphone users are using their mobile phones? To help you get a better understanding of how smartphones are being used, the team at Tatango compiled data from the Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project and

Streaming Showdown: Netflix Vs Hulu Plus

These days, more and more people are giving up cable in favor of streaming video and TV. Those services, available from Netflix and Hulu Plus, come at a much lower cost and for many, provide sufficient entertainment. Here’s how Netflix and Hulu Plus compare. Link