Monthly Archive:: October 2012

The Skyrocketing Costs of Childcare in America

Children are expensive. They need food, diapers, clothes and wipes. And then when they get older they still need the food and the clothes, but they often want to go to college, too. It’s enough to make any parent long for the relatively inexpensive days of a child-free lifestyle. Link

Obama Signs Free Trade Agreements

Mindfire Solutions is amongst the leading providers of Software & IT services encompassing development and delivery of complex projects for enhancing business growth of its customers. Mindfire has added value to more than 200 clients in US, Europe, Australia and Asia in the 12 years of its operation. Link

In 60 Seconds

This infographic shows you what happens in 60 seconds on the internet. It provides a visual display of the number of emails check to the number of songs downloaded from the internet in only one minute. Link


It seems like the occasional slow internet connection is an unavoidable part of our online existence. Before you call up your ISP threatening to cancel your service because you can’t torrent the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, while listening to streaming radio and uploading pictures to Facebook without seeing an increase in your page

Cupid Or Stupid?

Despite sweaty palms, nervous chatter, and butterflies, we all attempt to be our most impressive selves on a first date. The countless guidelines and dos and don’ts can seem overwhelming. Here we explore whether or not the current economy has altered the rules, and the survey below reveals our thoughts on bringing along a coupon