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iPod: 10th Anniversary Memorandum

To celebrate the anniversary of this little white box that you can’t even buy in white any more, we’ve put together this cool infographic tracing the iPod’s journey from humble beginnings then world domination to being on the brink of riding its scroll-wheel off into the digital sunset. Link

Use Your Hat to Get Ahead

Wherever your travels take you, it’s easy to stay in touch with Skype- especially when you can Skype from any device (your PC, laptop TV, tablet or mobile) to any device. We’ve taken our hat off to difference and come up with a guide to global headgear that celebrates the countries and cultures brought together

How America spends on electronics

Take a wild guess which U.S. city spends the most on electronics. If you guessed San Jose, Calif., which is located in Silicon Valley, the home for many of America’s biggest tech companies, you’d be correct. Residents of San Jose spend an average of $91.08 a month on electronics, nearly double the national average of

Naplata javnih prihoda

Brand cohesion across the multitude of channels has been challenging for the marketers to say thekleast. The innumerable marketing benefits of the multi-channel approach is somewhat offset by the confusion created by ambiguous messages coming out of the various channels. The cultivation and maintenance of brand harmony requires more than a flawless multi-channel strategy. The

Giving Housing a Hand

Looking back at the housing boom is a painful exercise for many homeowners – particularly those who bought at the peak of the real estate market. Who needs another reminder of what was possibly one of the worst financial decisions they ever made? Yet, a look at the first four months of 2010 can’t help