Monthly Archive:: November 2012

Weber Shandwick Minneapolis

It took 492 cups of coffee and a whole bunch of whiteboards. In fact we had to erase and write on over 76 (That’s a lot of markers!) whiteboards. Link

NYC & Democrats

Political parties are always trying to recruit new people and get people voting.The Manhattan Young Democrats created this infographic to show how New York City and State Democrats work. It breaks down the party by committees and shows why it is important to vote at election time. Link

The Truth About Free Credit Reports

“Choosing to buy a home or continue to rent is a highly personal financial and life decision that many people are grappling with right now,” said Pete Flint, CEO and co-founder of Trulia. “In the wake of the foreclosure crisis and ongoing struggles in the industry, we created the Rent vs. Buy Index to provide

Cybercrime Report: The Human Impact

We are so connected to the internet today that cybercrime is a real concern. This infographic provides data about global cyber crime incidences and their effects. It also provides a list of ways to protect yourself from cyber crimes .

Making Scary Costumes

If you’ve been looking to strike fear into the hearts of men (and ghosts) everywhere, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve broken down the most basic elements of creating a totally terrifying, scream-inducing, white-knuckling costume. Think you’re ready? Then prepare to be horrified! Link

ZIPScribble Map Italy Level 1

The ZIPScribble Map of Italy connects postcode locations in ascending order. At level 1 the line changes colour, whenever the first digit of the postcode changes. Link

Public Sector Pensions

Lots of discussion in the pr%ss at the moment about public sector pensions. Here’s an infographic we produced to illustrate the lack of balance between the public and private sphere. The financial value of the promises made to the public sector are quite remarkable. Link


For the majority of my charts I have attempted to visualise precise quantitive data that can be accurately measured, however I also wanted to explore how more subjective information can be represented. This graphic is a visualisation of my life to date and shows a range of activities and allows comparisons to made to my