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A Short Histoy of Hacking

Hacking has been around as long as computers as a way to reconfigure or reprogram a system to give access to someone who otherwise shouldn’t have that access. Link


Here are a few facts about unemployment to make as stop and think for a moment. The unemployment rate is now around 9.5% when just 4 years ago it was only 4.5%. To get the unemployment rate down to pre-recession levels by 2016 the US economy needs to create 235,120 new jobs a month (in

Facebook and Twitter as Addictive as Cigarettes Alcohol

Adobe wanted to see what stories they could tell with the buzz generated during Social Media Week 2012, using their SocialAnalytics platform. Here’s one for starters: did you know that the total reach of #SMWLDN during Social Media Week was an impressive 39.9 million? That’s the equivalent of over half the UK’s population! Check out

The Designer Guide To Data Visualization

What elements of design does it take to create data visualization? This infographic shows what parts of design, user interface, visual communication, communication, and data journalism come together to create data visualization. Link

The FusionCharts

Here’s an infographic showcasing FusionCharts proudest moments and milestones over the past 9 years Link

System Wars: 7 Generations of Console Competition

This infographic provides a timeline to show the evolution of video games from the late 1970’s to present. It provides a brief description of each video game console and provides data for the ones that were and are the bestselling amongst consumers. Link

Congressional Payday

Should Congress take a pay cut? That is the questions posed on Washington D.C. this week. Huffington Post reports “A bill introduced in Congress would reduce congressional pay by five percent. Representative Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.) introduced the Taking Responsibility for Congressional Pay Act, which would cut congressional salaries for the first time since 1933.” To