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Coupling Fraction

Interseismic coupling distribution based on GEONET GPS data from 1996-2000 and estimated using a three-dimensional block model of the combined offshore/onshore fault network (Loveless and Meade, JGR, 2010) . Coupling is estimated on a mesh of triangular dislocation elements based on the three-dimensional slab geometry of Furuse and Kono (2003). Overlain on the coupling contours

Are We Wired for Mobile Learning?

This Infographic poster is an excellent visual summary about m-learning (mobile learning) and the changing nature of our students as being “digital natives”. The poster will also inform you about how m-learning is changing the way we learn and teach using mobile devices. Link

Which Designer Job is the Best?

What designer are you? Do you love to cut up old clothes and make them into something fabulous or can you completely reprogram your computer and create your own game? This infographic pokes fun at the big “designer” war and breaks down which designer job REALLY is the coolest. Link

A History of Shoes

This infographic provides a timeline for the history of shoes and how they have evolved and changed through the years. It also talks about the science behind minimilast running shoes and why they have recently gained popularity. Link

Who uses

One of the most common criticisms of Google’s Apps business is that it’s just a bunch of small companies using the free version of Google Apps. But is that really true? We did a little research to find out, as summarized in the graphic at the left. Link

20 Things That Happen in One Minute

This infographic provides statistical data for random things that happen around the world in one minute, such as the number of babies born and the number of people that die. Link