Monthly Archive:: January 2013

The Game Plan

We believe that the only reason to start something is to finish it. We want to know the systems and be quick to respond throughout the budgeting process to ensure communities in central Africa can live without fear of the LRA. Here’s the game plan for getting the needed funds. Link

Insane Celebrity Engagement Rings

Never have we been more inundated with celebrity news, whether it’s who’s hooking up, breaking up, crying about perceived slights over Twitter, or getting arrested. However, it seems that lately, not a day goes by where there isn’t a brand-new celebrity engagement ring plastered all over TV, gossip sites, magazines, and our social networks. Here’s

WordPress 101

It seems everyone who wants to start a blog or Website these days is turning to WordPress, a free, open source content management system or CMS. WordPress has now surpasses Blogger and Tumble to become the most used CMS in the world. Here are some other amazing facts about this well-established Internet service. Link

Women of the IDF

Today, in celebration of the International Women’s Day, we want to share with you some facts about the women serving in the IDF. Learn more about how the IDF integrates women into service and enables them to realize their potential. Link

Fun for a fiver

This infographic provides a massive list of things to do for under a fiver. It’s perfect for families and young teens who are stuggling to find value entertainment in theese dark economic times. Link

Why Renting is for Chumps

Given the recent housing downturn, most people have put off buying a home due to declining property values, but when will it make sense to finally pull the trigger on buying?