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Cheery or Scroogey? Retail Worker Happiness

Which retail workers are merry, jolly and happy to serve you this holiday season? asked retail workers at various major outlets to rate their levels of stress and satisfaction on the job and came up with a happiness score for each group. It turns out that some holiday workers like their retail gigs much

Biggest Oils Spills

This infographic feels like a night of watching Dateline, which could be good or bad depending on who you are. It shows all the different types of auto insurance fraud that has occurred over the years as well as costs to the public and various legislation that has passed to counter the fraud. Some interesting

Where Do All Our Taxes Go?

Where do all our taxes go? Using a calculator by USA Today and we visualize how the tax dollars of workers in an average office building, from top-ranking officer and down through the ranks, contribute to National Defense, Medicare, Social Security and more. Link

U.S Public Libraries At Risk

With the U.S economy in recession and the advent of eBooks, libraries in the U.S are risk for closing down. This infographic takes a look at the public’s perceptions of public libraries and ways you can support the public libraries in the States. Link

Do It Yourself or Hire A Pro?

Deciding whether or not to hire a contractor for a home improvement job can be tough. Here in this infographic are some things you should definitely look at before making the call. Link


After a surveying renters on Reddit, we found some interesting facts about what you guys eat! Link