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500 Facebook Facts You May Not Know

What started out as a way for Harvard students to connect and rate each other has now become one of the fastest growing sites among women over the age of 55. Yes, more likely than not, your mom is on Facebook (whether you like it or not). This infographic shares this fun statistic as well

Online Family History Trends

The family history space is booming like never before. Population trends and technological innovation are coalescing to fuel extraordinary growth in the industry. Considering the trends visually represented below, our outlook is highly optimistic. Link

Australian Census Infographic

Spotlight is a simple site that lets you see a small part of Australia’s Census data from a different perspective. Just answer eight simple questions to find out what the Census can tell you about yourself. And when you’ve finished, you’ll get the chance to turn your answers into your own personalised Census infographic –


I am always excited to do design work that involves organizing large amounts of information. For me, infographics are like a puzzle. I immensely enjoy moving information around and adding illustrations and symbols to best emphasize the information. This was one of those projects where my psychology background came in handy. Link

Healthcare Costs Around the World

The United States spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the world yet despite the costs it still has one of the highest infant mortality rates and lowest life expectancy rates when compared to other developed countries. Link