Monthly Archive:: February 2013

Feet of Street Per Resident

There are many ways to measure infrastructure. Perhaps the most ubiquitous type of infrastructure, streets and highways, is the best single indicator. By this measure, feet of street per resident – “FSR” – Detroit has a lower density than 9 of the 10 largest American cities. When compared to the seven largest American cities, only

Quantifying Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities research and teaching takes place at the intersection of digital technologies and humanities. DH aims to produce and use applications and models that make possible new kinds of teaching and research, both in the humanities and in computer science. Link

The Awesome Size of the Internet

The World Wide Web is huge and covers the entire planet. This infographic looks at how awesome in size Cyperspace really is and how much data is transmitted every day. Link

Satisfaction Drives Online Sales

Data from Human Highway and Netcom, visuallized by Davide Berardino and Sara Quagliani. Satisfaction is the main drive for rise of on line sales. It turns on line consumers in promoters to turn willing on line consumers to buy on line. Link

Biking and Walking: In the Twin Cities

Due to the presence of over 100 biking lanes and walking trails, the Twin cities is one of the best places in the country for walking and biking. This infographic provides statistical data for the number of bikers and walkers in the Twin Cities. It also provides information for bike safety and a biking glossary.