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Public Opinion Supports Paid Maternity Leave

The Census Bureau published a study indicating half of working women aren’t getting paid maternity leave, we asked SodaHeads what they thought. Turns out, this wasn’t just a controversial topic — it was a divisive one. The difference in opinions between men and women were striking, and work status had a definite correlation. Link

The Colors of Retail Brands

Are you a colorblind? You’re not missing much if you shop exclusively designer apparel. The color of your tags can say a lot about how much money you drop on your wardrobe. Here is a hint: if you want to keep a bit more green in your bank account you might want to add a

Holiday Communications

The vast majority of those who send holiday cards plan to send them in the mail 86%, but significant numbers also say they will send holiday cards by email 22%, or through social networks 15%.

City Growth: Population, Waste, Production…

Visualisation of the world’s city growth. The graphic also goes into detail comparing the make up of each city such as murder rate, projected growth, wealth, cost of travel etc. This was published in Raconteur on Future Cities featured in The Times Newspaper (UK). Link

The Future of Pot

It’s an ongoing debate: the legalization of marijuana. A new twist on the hotly contested debate came in the form of a typical branding challenge, but with a very atypical client: The Washington Post. As one of the most reputable newspapers in the world, Washington Post recently explored the State of Pot in America 2020.

Bigger and Better: Thumbtack

Have you got things to do but unfortunately are unable to do it? You may find this very interesting.This site has a lot of professionals on varying fields. In case you need one or two of their services, feel free to check out their site. With this, you’ll be problem-free. Link