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What is Jazz?

Jazz music is a certain type of music that appeals to certain personality types. This infographic seeks to identify jazz music from the viewpoint of a non-fan. Smoky cigarette voiced ladies, improvisational music tangents, and roots that are cemented in the 1930s and 40s; these are all signs of jazz music. Read on for more

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mother’s Day

Thanksgiving is a time when Americans gather around their dinner tables with family and friends to give thanks for everything they have. For most it is often the feast of the year with all the fixings but how exactly did this holiday come about and how was it first celebrated? This infographic dispells 10 common

How Much Are the Times Changing?

When it comes to American media habits, not even Bob Dylan could have predicted the digital revolution of the past 10 years. The growth of blogs, e-mails, and music downloads has exceeded all expectations-though some old-media favorites have fared surprisingly well. And Krusty the Clown would be proud. But overall, Dylan had it right: “you

Top Small Business Tweets of 2011

Ever wonder what made PR what it is today? Sure, we’re immersed in PR 2.0 and will probably leap to PR 3.0 by 2012–but without first knowing where PR started and where it came from is blasphemy (ok, maybe not blasphemy, but it’s still important)! The best part about knowing a little history of PR

Using Mobile, Social and Local to Build Your Email Database

The possibilities for strategic, integrated campaigns between email, social, mobile and local are endless. But many companies don’t have a plan for getting those social and mobile users to opt in to their emails, where nurturing of relationships and conversions may be more likely to occur. Here’s how you can use “mocial channels to build