Monthly Archive:: April 2013

Wind Energy

Wind energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world. The US Department of Energy has a great bunch of web pages that review the technology and status of the industry. Here is an image drawn up to further summarize. Link

Love and Hate on Twitter

Over one million tweets from 2010 that contained either the word ‘love’ or ‘hate’ were analyzed. What do they reveal about what people are saying on Twitter? Link

The Periodic Table of Controllers

This work-in-progress table offers layout diagrams for many classic joysticks, paddles, and other console input devices. As an added bonus, the chart includes many handheld gaming systems, as well as the names of the systems’ creators and their CPU information in many cases. Link

The Road to Internet Explorer 9

Years after winning the browser wars, Internet Explorer remains the dominant web browser with over 60 percent marketshare. But the road to get there wasn’t a smooth one. Paved with questionable deals, legal battles, security risks, brutal competition, and truly welcome new features, it is the road most taken by most web drivers. With Internet

Snapshot of the Modern Third Culture Kid

A third culture kid is one who was born and partially raised in one country and has grown up in another country as well. This infographic, based on a survey of TCKs, provides a profile of the common third world kid and shows how this cultural experience has impacted them. Link