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Obama Tax Cuts and Health Plan Cost

This infographic provides graphical information for the cost on the U.S if Obama’s health plan passes and the cost to the public if Obama continues the Bush era tax cuts. It also shows the average tax change per tax payer with the different plans. Link

It Takes A Nation Of Prisoners

We recently launched a series titled “Prisons and Projects” which takes a look at these two monoliths and the effects they’ve had on the African American community. The figures here highlight America’s unique approach to crime and punishment, where race, class,and corporate interests collide to make the world’s largest and most expensive prison systems in

Video Game Timeline

We have come a long way from having to blow on game cartridges to get them to boot up properly in our home game consoles. Check out this infographic to get an idea of just what gamers have had to endure to get from the early pixelated games to the current consoles that can immerse

Facts About UK Speed Cameras

Since U.K speed cameras were placed at lights across the U.K, motor accidents and such have lessened. This infographic takes a look to see if the U.K speed lights are effective and how much change they have actually made in the road traffic system. Link

Social Media Predicts Grammy Winners

How do you get more clicks on the links that you share on Twitter? A new study takes a look at the ways that you can improve your clickthrough rate (CTR) on Twitter. The infographic below displays these findings: Link

Hungary Business Society statistics, February 2012

There are a bewildering array of social media groups for HR professionals, with more seeking to join every day. This graphic show the populations of key social media places for HR professionals as at Feb 2012 in the UK. See the LinkedIn group: or for more details. © RapidBI & Mike Morrison 2012

The Evolution of the Supermodel

Though no one is surprised that models are tiny, busty women, you may be surprised just how little they get. Over the years, there have been trends for larger, curvier women, and for waifs who look like children. See if you can figure out which periods correlate to which trends using this infographic. Link