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The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

Getting the special someone the perfect special gift for that special Valentine on Valentine’s Day can be tricky and downright difficult. What if there were a special love potion that your lover would love and love you more because of it. This infographic looks at special love potions and love concoctions from around the world.

Barcode Labels

Choose the correct barcode labels that stick when they should, come off when necessary and are readbale when scanned. Link

Gluten-Free Eating

These days it seems that everyone has an opinion about healthy eating and about what foods to avoid and what to consume. The gluten-free diet is a diet that has been gaining popularity as many people have experienced positive results once they adhere to it. With gluten-free products becoming more popular on grocery store shelves

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Tongue

Open your mouth and say, “Ahhh.” The human tongue serves many purposes: you can touch your nose, show your partner a good time, stick it out at your enemy and taste delicious food all with this one appendage. It’s a pretty amazing body part that we often take for granted. Here are fifteen fun facts

The Most Loved Childrens Book

This infographic was created as a way to celebrate to children’s literature over the years and help students develop a lifelong desire for reading. What a fantastic way to share and foster the love for reading! Link

The Business of Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner and with so many BaseKit users using BaseKit for creating business websites, we thought it would be fun to create an infographic on the business of Christmas. From the explosive growth of online shopping to the top selling Christmas gifts of different decades, BaseKit’s Christmas infographic has got it

Need More Tax Time? File an Extension

What more fun time in the world is there than tax time? I guess getting a cavity filled perhaps. In all seriousness though, this graphic was created to show everything you could need to know about filing a tax extension, which is something many people end up needing to do. Link