Monthly Archive:: May 2013

Pet Obesity – Stats and Information

A hot topic at the moment, pet obesity is on the rise! We’re all prone to giving one or two extra treats, which is fine, but there has to be a limit or you could be doing untold damage to your pet’s health. Obesity, or the excess of body fat that is enough to impair

Tibet on Fire

Tensions are high across the Tibetan plateau, an area that spans a quarter of China. At least 21 monks and nuns have set themselves on fire in protest of China’s rule over the last year. GlobalPost takes you to ethnically Tibetan parts of China, where the mood may be quiet but each self-immolation reverberates. Link

The American Vacation

The infographic highlights stages in the travel experience and technologies essential for the future development of a collaborative travel industry. Click on the image below to open the full infographic, where you can share the frustrations and expectations you feel identified with.

Buy a $1,500 Computer Using Your Credit Card

This infographic provides a clear visual to show how much you really end up paying for something when you buy it with your credit card. The infographic shows that the interest you pay on a good can increase the cost of that good by up to double depending on how long it takes to pay

How can the Middle East improve seismic monitoring

After the recent earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, it is not surprising to see countries updating their disaster contingency plans. However in the Middle East, where recent quakes in Turkey and Iran have killed hundreds, many states are working hard to improve their seismic monitoring systems to prevent future loss of life. Link

Are Guns & Ammo The New Gold?

More Americans are buying ammunition and guns than ever before. Are the same trends that are prompting ordinary Americans to buy old also prompting them to stock up on guns & ammo? Link