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The Most Frugal Cities in America

Which cities in America collectively spent the least on discretionary items like clothing, books, electronics, sporting goods and hobbies? This infographic gives you the results for 2009, based on data from Link

Movie Vampires: The Good/Evil Spectrum

The vampire is an icon of ancient myth and modern story telling that evokes intrigue, mystery, and absolute fear. In the movie realm, however, vampires have been portrayed in a plethora of ways. Some have been monstrous and terrifying while others have been almost human-like. Here is the complete spectrum of movie vampires ranging from

Social Local Mobile – SoLoMo

Web analytics company Meltwater Buzz have put together this graphic showing which artists are generating the most heat ahead of the Brit Awards. Focusing on the Best British Group, British Breakthrough Artist, British Female Solo Artist and British Male Solo Artist, they’ve analysed the amount of social media buzz each nominee has created since they

Attract, Engage, Hire.

Social media use for attracting and hiring potential employees is on the rise. This infographic looks at the ways social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and flickr are useful for companies who are hiring. Link

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Speed is the defining factor in success or failure. On the web 1 second is a lo ng time. Marketers and web performance experts have known this for years and they are raising the ALARM! Find out more in this infographic. Link

What the Debt Deal Costs

This infogrpahic provides a breakdown for how the current 2011 debt deal is going to affect social and public services in America. It shows what government cut spending on and what it did not cute spending on.