Monthly Archive:: June 2013

Inside the Royal Wedding

A graphic visualization of Westminster Abbey- the historical venue of Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s royal wedding. Founded as a Benedictine monastery in the 10th century, the Abbey has been the venue for the coronation of almost every English and British monarch since William the Conqueror. Link

Planes, Trains and (Shared) Automobiles

In the Thanksgiving movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles it shows two people who take a ride together and have an hilarious adventure. This infographic brought by Zimride, a shared ride service, shows how many people used Zimride this Thanksgiving season and the fun stories that came from some of the shared rides.

What Is The Psychology Behind Bad Science And False Research

We often think that scientist are the most honest people around, and assume that scientific findings are reliable and true. But several new studies have revealed that an enormous number of researchers cut corners, cook data, and lie about results when conducting experiments. This is the world of bad science. Link

Everybody Say Cheese

An infographic about cheese, types of cheese, from what animal the milk came from, cheese jokes and cheese quotes. Link

Sexual Violence Against Women – The Hard Truths

Sexual violence against women is a serious abuse of women’s human rights, and an injustice experienced by women around the world. On International Women’s Day 2012, say NO to violence against women. This infographic aims to highlight the reality of sexual violence and the different ways that women – children, adolescents and adults – can