Monthly Archive:: June 2013

Filing Your Taxes Online

Staying timely, with the IRS announcement that e-file is officially open, this image shows how people are filing their taxes. Last year, taxpayers e-filed a record 95 million tax returns, about two-thirds of all individual federal returns filed. Consumer use of do-it-yourself tax software and online tax preparation Web sites, such as TurboTax, was up

How Can I Afford a Masters Degree?

With the going rate for a masters degree and living expenses often as high as £25,000 it’s no surprise that students find themselves searching for new and creative ways of funding a masters. Have a look at some of the ideas we came up with – or for a more practical solution, check out our

The Perfect Suit for the Modern Man

As the fashion changes different types of suits for men has came in the fashion that can used by regular mens. This shows the latest trends for the modern men so that he can wear a perfect suit. Link

Mexican Cartels

The ongoing drug trade in mexico has been one of the nation’s chief concerns for some time now. But the level of gruesome violence has escalated to near catastrophic proportions since President Felipe Calderon took office in December of 2006, creating virtual ghost towns as people have sought refuge in safer states. This vilence has

A Guide to Travel Nursing Jobs

Although we can’t wait to be with our loved ones we can’t help but stress out about the possibility of delayed flights and bumper-to-bumper traffic. The Holiday Travel infographic covers popular methods of travel, how to avoid traffic on your drive, how to fly with presents and illustrates the most congested roads and delayed airports

Where #toronto Ranks

When you are in a race you want first and that is the same if you are ranked and there are so many rankings out there. So since there is a list for everything and I thought it would be interesting to see how different organizations rank Toronto and related institutions. Link