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The Secret World Around You

Scientists have known forever that color has a profound influence on the human brain. From the color you paint your kitchen, to the color of the sky, to the color of a corporation’s branded image, there’s no end to the fascinating implications of how color influences our mood and behavior. Link

The Current State of Venture Capital

Getting a new business running sometimes means investing large sums of money, and when entrepreneurs don’t have the cash to make their visions reality, many turn to venture capitalists. Here is a look at where these deals are being approved, and which industries are commanding the highest investments. Link

Team Up for Autism

There’s so many ways a human can find themselves on the fast track to hell. From having lustful thoughts to overeating, everyone is a sinner. However, not all sinners are created equal according to Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. According to him, there are nine circles of hell from minor offenders like those who just weren’t baptized

Facebook Brand Pages Lag Behind In ‘Likes

For a long time, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) didn’t play a very significant role in Cleartrip’s customer acquisition strategy. There were lots of reasons for this — some valid, some not so valid. By and large, our belief was that investing in making people aware of the Cleartrip brand was much more important than targeting

The Evolution of the Web Design

Just like the internet itself, web design and designers have evolved and changed in the past several decades. Now instead of only being responsible for getting a site up and running, web designers are artists, creating web spaces that will entice and entertain the masses. This infographic looks at the history of web design and

15 Fun & Bizarre Facts About Kanye West

Kanye West has had an interesting journey, starting with dropping out of college, then helping the careers of other famous artists (under Jay-Z’s label), and finally launching his own super-successful career. Here are a few things about Kanye that you may not know and that might just surprise you. Link