Monthly Archive:: August 2013

9/11, Ten Years Later

Retracing the path the brought the United States to 9/11/01 and the terrorist attack with the highest impact on US soil carried out by Al Qaeda. Link

Sports Salaries

Stats surrounding the 2012 super bowl, madonna’s performance and the highest recorded tweets per second (TPS) globally in the past 12+ months Link

Everything Under the Sun

That burning ball of fire also known as the sun is responsible for sunburns, melted ice cream and flowering plants. That burning ball or center star of our universe is also a great resource for energy. This infographic examines all things sunny and highlights some fun facts about solar energy and the sun. Link

What Discarded Cell Phones Could Buy

In today’s shaky economy, trading in old electronics is a very real way for consumers to earn cash fast. Many people aren’t aware of the latent value in their old phones, mp3 players, tablets, e-readers, and other devices. But if everyone traded in their unwanted devices for cash, on average that would be enough money

Roma in Latvia

Various statistics about Amsterdam, and it’s massive population of Bikes! This easyJet holidays infographic contains images some Bieber fans might find distressing.


Have we shared too much with Facebook, Google and Apple? Make this infographic your guide. Link