Monthly Archive:: September 2013

Employee, Interruped

Are you reading this blog at work? It’s a fair question when you look at the statistics of how many “cyberslackers” there are out there: a new breed of employees who use company internet connections for personal use. Link

How Loud is a Wind Turbine?

This infographic provides a visual for wind turbine. It shows what they provide energy for and how much energy they provide. It also shows where and how they are placed. Link

Price rises in the UK since 2004

What’s had the biggest impact on your household bills? Petrol? Energy costs? You might be surprised in this round up of how much prices have gone up by in the UK. Link

Radiography of Social Media in Spain

Here’s an infographic from Meltwater Group, using its own Meltwater Buzz tool to track social media conversations about the top three Grammy Award categories: Best Album, Song and New Artist. Link

The Obsession Report

It’s a campaign to promote a running event on April 23rd on London, UK. You ‘claim the streets’ by running from one postcode to the other. In each postcode location there are a number of phone boxes, you jump in the phone box and call with your unique number to register your movements. Link

Worldwide Information Security Products Spend

Today’s most damaging cyber attacks are nothing like “hit and run” attacks of the past. They take place over a period of time and have multiple, distinct phases. Since there are many parallels between a home burglary and a cyber attack, this infographic from CounterTack ( helps to illustrate each phase of an attack, while