Monthly Archive:: September 2013

Measuring Satisfaction

A 2008 study shows that people in wealthier countries are more likely to be satisfied with their lives. – This scatterplot uses an unusual technique with the angle of the points encoding information. When used with many points, this technique takes advantage of our visual system’s ability to see texture and changes in texture. Link

Australian Politics Forum – Cyclone Yasi

A CYCLONE described as a “monster, killer storm” is bearing down on Cairns, with communities far to the north, south and west of the northern Queensland tourist centre also braced for its fury. The latest modelling suggests Cyclone Yasi is on track to hit Cairns about 1am (AEST) on Thursday as a highly destructive category

The STEM Dilemma

Promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is a national priority to ensure American competitiveness in the 21st Century. To maintain a steady pipeline of STEM-capable graduates, we need to start by investing in more quality STEM-capable teachers to educate and spark student interest in these subjects. Here’s a look at the current state of STEM

Meet iPad’s Competition

This infographic was commissioned by Courrier Japon Magazine in Tokyo and is based on the article “The iPad Changes Everything” originally published by Fortune Magazine. It illustrates the introduction of the iPad and how many devices in different markets are now finding themselves in direction competion to the power of the iPad and the Apps

The Trigonometry of Karma

My diagrammatic musings aim to be stimulating distractions and a celebration of traditional graphic and mathematical methods taken out of context, or into new paradigms. But not necessarily useful. Link

Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you think you’re busy during the holidays, just imagine trying to process nearly 800 million holiday cards in one day. That is the task for many shipping companies and the USPS during this holiday rush. With so many people turning to online shopping for last-minute gifts, just how busy are parcel post workers? Link

Nato operations in Libya

How many Nato attacks took place over Libya – and what did they hit? Here’s the most comprehensive analysis yet of who did what. Nato’s Libya operations have cost millions and involved thousands of airmen and sailors. Link