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Equal Crimes, Unequal Times

A drugdealer and a counterfeit medicine dealer are doing the same crime, yet a drug dealer get 20 more years in prison then his counterpart. This infographic takes a look at both criminals and illustrates how the justice system punishes them differently. Link

Social Commerce: Fact or Fiction

SXSW is where music, film & tech come together. Every year, it gets bigger and more difficult to navigate. Whether you’re a veteran or SXSW Newbie, this list should be checked off before you leave the Austin city limits.

25 Ways to Save Money

We know it’s not easy to save, even in the best of times, but these days it is critical and we want to help. In conjuction with our “Savings Pledge,” which was designed to encourage you to commit to save, we have enlisted our DealPros to share with you some useful tips; things you can

Mountains Out of Molehills

In the formation of networks, perception plays the role of governing the way we communicate with one another. Humans form connections based on their own reality and belief system, hence, we tend to migrate towards people with similar likes and dislikes, building these networks of people we know, respect and trust. A simple factor tree

Percentage of Checkers Burgers that Featur…

Everybody loves a good burger and bacon added to a good burger makes it near heavenly. This infographic looks at the percentage of Checkers burgers that contain bacon in them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Savory and delicious! Link

What are infovis and datavis about?

The main purpose of this infographic is to create a sort of “visual dictionary”, clarifying and putting in relationship the main concepts and disciplines related to the Information Visualization discipline, through a very simple and immediate visual metaphor. (designed in collaboration with, in 2009) Link