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One Nation, Under God

America has historically been a religious country, but data shows that things are changing. This infographic takes a look at religion in the United States to show that atheism is rapidly growing and people are not identifying to a religion as much as they used to. They show data from each year to show that

The War Against Counterfeit Money

There is more than $750 billion in United States money circulating around the world; however, more than $60 million is counterfeit. The Department of Treasury is always coming up with new ways to stay ahead of counterfeiters but with modern technology always changing and improving it can be difficult to tell a fake dollar bill

Postcard Valet

The second moment of truth happens as the guest arrives in the hotel and during their entire stay at your hotel. Now it’s up to you to service the guest and make their stay something to write about. The second moment of truth is more than a marketing step, it’s what will determine the long

Tipping for Takeout

Based on more than 3.5 million takeout orders from, this infographic maps out cuisine popularity and average tip percentages per NYC neighborhood. Click on each cuisine to see where it is most popular. Switch to “Tip Percentages” to see which neighborhoods are most generous, for each cuisine as well as an overall tip percentage.

Final Congressional Votes

This infographic shows the tally of the final Congressional votes on major social legislation in regards to the Civil Rights Act, Medicare, welfare and healthcare reform. It divides it by political parties. Link

The Ultimate Fan’s Guide to Super Bowls

The Cardinals of St. Louis are the champions of the baseball world. This #WorldSeries was one of the most social media heavy sporting events to date. Fueled by our childhood love of baseball cards, we put together this stat-filled card which looks at how the Fall Classic played out on Twitter. Feel free to share

Streaming Killed The Video Star?

According to the latest 2011 Nielsen Cross-Platform report, interesting trends are emerging in the realm of video viewership that reflect the growing mobility of Americans today. It raises the question: is online video indeed giving network a run for its money? Link