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Every Generation Needs A New Revolution

Technological evolution can revolutionise lives completely opening new opportunities to the world we live in. Evolution can be just around the corner accelerating us from our standard reality to a whole new, extraordinary way of life. Many of these advancements then become the norm. In the age of the smart phone, the first mobile phones

Black Friday TV Stats

TVs are top sellers on Black Friday. Whether you’re looking for a discontinued LCD TV or the newest 3D HDTV, you’ll find some amazing Black Friday deals on all sizes and brands. Teapot Warmers Silver Amber Necklaces Wholesale Glass Tea Sets Mummy Sleeping Bags

Comparison of Android OS Versions

This infographic provides a clear and simple chart that illustrates the differences between all the Android OS models. It shows the features each one has and all the usability options. Teapot Warmers Silver Amber Necklaces Wholesale Glass Tea Sets Mummy Sleeping Bags

iPhone vs. Android: The Social App Activities That Set Users Apart

Okay, so maybe Mac and PC people have their differences — a lot of them. But, the same can’t be said about Android and iPhone users. Or can it? New analysis from mobile data management startup Onavo, shared exclusively with Mashable, sheds some light on the differences between iPhone and Android users, at least when

Sexual Harassment in India

Awareness is the only remedy for this horrendous crime. Use this infographic in schools, colleges, work places etc. Teapot Warmers Silver Amber Necklaces Wholesale Glass Tea Sets Mummy Sleeping Bags

Young Bloods: The Truth about High School Sports

We all enjoyed the world cup here in Simply Zesty Towers and thought it would be a great idea if we could collate some of the best numbers in to an easy infographic. Tom Spent lots of time researching the stats with Sarah making them look nice and pretty with her silky design skills. If

Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit Corridor

This map of Guangzhou’s BRT system was included in Planning Cities for People, a document prepared for the Chinese government containing 8 research-based recommendations that lead to prosperous, low-carbon urban areas.

U.S. Immigration in the 20th Century

When was the last time you and your partner decided to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon strolling through an art museum or taking in an exhibit at the natural history museum? This infographic breaks down the top twenty most popular museums of 2007 and where they are in the United States. Teapot Warmers Silver Amber

Redbox Movie Rental Trends – Saving Money Movies

A classic first date used to be taking a girl out to dinner and a movie, but with ticket prices constantly going up, what was once considered a fun and inexpensive night out now can cost half of your rent (and that doesn’t even include popcorn!) Thankfully, with companies such as Netflix and On Demand,