Monthly Archive:: March 2014

Tension in the Arab World

Like a lot of people we watched carefully with hope, sadness, astonishment and celebration, as the events unfolded in the Middle East and North Africa. We followed a lot of news reports that stated different reasons for the uprisings happening in so many countries at once, and decided to create a visual representation of these

High School Graduation and GED

This infographic provides information about high school graduate rates in America. It shows the difference in the number of high school graduates and those who take the GED. It also provides statistical information for people who have taken GED such as average age and college attendance rates. Link   Teapot Warmers Silver Amber Necklaces Wholesale

Pyramids of Mars

This time rather than showcase individual characters, I decided to focus on one particular episode: Pyramids of Mars. I’ll probably do more episode specific infographics as time permits. There’ve been over 200 stories so far (consisting of over 770 episodes), so that should keep me busy for a while. Link   Teapot Warmers Silver Amber

It’s a Gas

The oil industry has been an important power player in politics and everyday life ever since the automobile became a necessity and not a privilege. With so much turmoil in the Middle East, gas prices in the United States are constantly fluctuating. What you spend on gas depends on many things (type of car, commute)

A Guide to Tron Light Cycles

If you have seen both Tron and Tron Legacy, you have witnessed the awesome power and capabilities of light cycles. These fictional vehicles are lightning fast and produce barriers of light with which to thwart enemies and win the race. Here is some more interesting information on light cycles. Link Teapot Warmers Silver Amber Necklaces

Inception Cast and Characters

2010’s Inception was hailed as a mind-bending, visually electric thriller driven by an action-packed plot and an all-star cast. Here is a breakdown of Inception’s impressive cast of characters. Link Teapot Warmers Silver Amber Necklaces Wholesale Glass Tea Sets Mummy Sleeping Bags


Check out the wild variation in the importance of your presidential vote. Not all votes are the same. No matter where you stand when it comes to the Electoral College, it’s still interesting that one vote in Wyoming is worth three and a half in California. The wikipedia sages can tell you why, but first

Bulls, Bears, Donkeys, and Elephants

This infographic answers a compelling question: How much would a $10,000 investment in the S&P Index grow when only held under one Presidential party or the other? Even when Hoover’s Depression-era presidency is excluded, the Democrats reigned over periods netting a return nearly six times greater than the Republicans. Link Teapot Warmers Silver Amber Necklaces