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This is Not My Beautiful House

This infographic provides demographic information about the U.S congress. It illustrates that although the United States is becoming more diverse, the U.S congress is not reflecting that by those who are in office. It shows what Congress demographically looks like now and what it would look like if it reflected the U.S population. Link  

WWI Deaths by Country and Source

This chart highlights the variance between different sources reporting the death toll numbers for the belligerent nations during World War I. Different sources cite differing figures. The scale on the left of each chart gives the number of casualties, the colored dots represent different sources of information, while the dotted lines give percentage differences between

Kandinsky Concerning the Spiritual in Art

This infogrpahic provides information about the artist Kandinsky and highlights the main points from his published essays on art theory.    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

Diversity in the Workplace

This infogaphic provides statistical data that shows that although the St. Cloud area becomes more diverse, the number of minority workers in local government and schools remains unchanged. The data shows the number of minority workers in different schools and colleges and different city posts.    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

Of the People

This infographic visualizes the ups and downs of per-person representation in Congress over the past 100 years. A map illustrates the current weight of each person by state, and sparklines show that wacky balance throughout our history. Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

Star Wars: The Power of the Force

This funny comparison of the power of the force to the ability to destroy a planet illustrates how the Rebels were able to destroy the Empire (even with the Death Star) Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

Local government by the numbers

More than two centuries of American democracy have resulted in a profusion of governments at the local level, not only cities and counties but villages and townships, park districts and sanitary districts and a host of others. To those trying desperately to bring a state’s budget into balance, many of these are useless anachronisms incapable

The Most Popular Movies of All Time

This colorful infographic is made up of movie quotes from the most popular movie of all time. From modern classics such as Titanic and the Lord of the Rings trilogy to other popular hits, this infographic looks at the top fifty highest grossing movies of all time. After looking at this list you might want

Extremism by the numbers

Anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism are on the rise in Eastern Europe, under the guise of ultra-nationalism. The infographic is part of a GlobalPost in-depth series that looks at the forces behind it, and what the European Union is doing to reign it in. Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>

SXSW Party Map

South By Southwest offers more than music, tech, and cinema. Like…parties. SXSW, the annual festival in Austin, has become as popular for its panels, films, and bands as it has for its after-hours adventures. Fight the FOMO with the party map below, brought to you by timeRAZOR. Link    <a href=””>Teapot Warmers</a> <a href=””>Silver Amber Necklaces</a> <a href=””>Wholesale Glass Tea Sets</a> <a href=””>Mummy Sleeping Bags</a>