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African elephants need our help

African elephants once numbered millions across Africa, but by the mid-1980s their populations had been devastated by poaching. Some populations remain in danger dure to poaching for meat, habitat loss and for ivory, and conflict with humans. Link

MCS Modular Crossing System

And, lastly, Katie Gill sent me this just tonight, which relates, by coincidence, to the same type of highway mitigation project. In fact, one of the species they are most concerned about in this project, the lynx, was one of the focal species from the Canadian Rockies highway mitigation project. Link

Things You Never Knew About Sharks

This infographic was created with help from the shark diving experts at Stella Maris Resort in the Bahamas, who pioneered shark diving for thrill-seeking tourists in the mid 1970s. We think it will be great for folks feeling shark withdrawal, now that Shark Week is officially over. Link

Rhino Poaching

This infographic provides information about Rhinos, the number of Rhinos in the world and their size. It also explains what Rhino Poaching and how it’s affecting the Rhino population. It explains the way that Rhinos are tortured and killed for their horns and the power that mystics believe that the rhino horn has. This infographic

The Chimp Brain

Observed in the wild and tested in captivity, chimpanzees invite comparison with humans, their close relatives. They bare a close family resemblance that fascinates scientists and us. Link

Picking The Perfect Pet

Owning a pet can be a lot of work and responsibility. This infographic uses a series of questions to guide you on picking the right pet for your home and your family. Link