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Who Has The Most To Fear Man or Shark

More people die every year from shark attacks but the fear of sharks is a common one for all. The infographic tells it’s only story and hopefully illustrates the point that sharks clearly have more to fear from us than we do from them. Link

17 Things Worth Knowing About your Cat

This infographic provides seventeen fun and interesting facts about cats. Facts include, information such as cats not being able to see in the dark and famous cat lovers and famous cat haters. Link

Rhinos in danger part2

Ok so I finally got to doing the second part. I think I am going to have to do like 2 more or 1 long one like this. Like the sharks graphics the info can be overwhelming. when I started to do these graphics they where supposed to be small and simple. I think I

Rhinos in danger

Part 1 of Rhinos in Danger. The year has just begun and there has been 135 rhinos killed. Last year they killed 448. I realized while doing research that this is not one graphic, but probably 3 of them or 4 who knows. they are not having the best time since we started to walk.

Bottle Nose

This graphic was done while I was still living in Chicago. I did this for Gulf News for a new Dolphinarium. It was a great project it took me a lot of hours but really enjoyed doing it. 🙂 Link

HSUS by the Numbers

Animal cruelty exploiters love to claim that “HSUS is all about the money” and “does nothing to help animals”. Take a look at the numbers, and judge for yourself. Link

Pet Travel Guide

Pet lovers don’t want to leave their pets behind when traveling. And with the all of the pet-friendly accommodations now being made available, they don’t have to. From first class kennels to official pet passports, Fido can now travel in style. Here’s everything you need to know about taking your pet with you on vacation.