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Pet Obsessed: The Cost of Cute

Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, there’s no question that our four-legged friends provide us with the kind of companionship you just can’t put a price on. That didn’t stop from doing just that, however. This infographic takes a look at the true cost of this obsession with our pets, based on

Honey Bees Extinction

Over the last four years there has been disturbing evidence due to the low survival rates of western honey bees in the U.S and Canada during the winter season. This infographic shows what the extinction of honey bees can mean for the planet and the survival of crops and livestock, eventually how it can lead

The Great Dog Breed Checklist

When you are thinking about adopting a dog, there are many things for you to consider and there are many different breeds for you to choose from. Here are the 10 most popular breeds in 2010 and what you need to know to decide if a certain breed is right for you. Link

Pet Ownership in the USA

Budgets may be tighter than ever before for many American families, but most pet lovers agree that the expense of ownership is still worth the return in companionship. A pet ownership infographic released by VetDepot, a leading internet retailer of pet medications and supplies, reveals that the number of U.S. pet owning households has reached

Amur Leopard 35 left in the wild

have always worked in publications, and I always pushed the environmental factor, the endangered species, pollution global warming. And it works at times. They are business and do what they can when they can. So I decided to do my own environmental graphics and send them out. I’ll do my own campaign. Link

The Dog Market Sector

Not all pet sectors are able to the utilise the internet, one sector has successfully carved out a niche for itself and that is the market of products and services for dogs. For the consumer this means discounted products and for the retailers it means that they are able to reach a wider market place

Benefits of Owning A Dog

Is there anything here you don’t already know? Perhaps, perhaps not – but this entertaining infographic is packed with fun facts about our best friends. Link

Treating Your Pets to Treats

Who doesn’t love to give their pets a treat? Unfortunately, what you think is a special snack might be full of chemicals and additives that no one, not even your dog, should ingest. Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy options out there, so you just need to know what to look for. Link