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IT Seucirty and Breaches

Recently there has been a lot of news surrounding lulzsec and anonymous. We explore some of the consequences of security breaches and what companies are doing for IT security. Link

10 reasons to realign your website

Your website content, design and goals MUST be revisited on a regular basis (yearly at the very least). To succeed you need to realign your website to meet your ever changing online objectives and user needs. Here’s 10 reasons and some though provoking questions to get you started. Link

Happy Birthday! Wikipedia Turns 10

Wikipedia, the user created Encyclopedia Brittanica for the modern era, just turned 10 years old on January 15th. To mark this informational milestone, we created a graphic detailing the current state of this much loved and resourced website, using stats from Pew Research and Wikipedia itself.


As the internet grows the systems are having trouble accommodating the growing needs. This infographic provides information for the current state of the intranet and how it needs to evolve in order to handle current internet needs. Link

State of the Internet 2011

The Internet has changed the way we live—that’s obvious. But what we think people forget is how big and important the worldwide web really is. Do you know how much time people spend on the Internet every day? Do you keep track of how many times you tweeted last month? Do you know how many

The Most Popular Design Tools

What are the most popular tools and apps used by designers? We were curious, so we pulled together data based on 180 design and creative professionals who use BestVendor. Below is an infographic showing results across a range of product categories, from invoicing to wireframing. We also included a few design tools considered hidden gems

A History of Browser Usage

Here’s an informative graphic showing the history of web browsers, their worldwide usage, their market share, and so on. So many interesting facts about web browsers — be sure and scroll down to read it all! You know, browsers once took up so much of a PCs resources that they often had to be the

The Web Development Process

The web app development process can be an intimidating thing to take on. There is so much to do from wireframes to coding to design, so it is no surprise it is such a daunting task. In this week’s infographic we break the process down at a high level and hopefully provide a more structured