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The Top Cameras on Flickr

This infographic provides information about the types of cameras used to take photos uploaded on Flickr, the number of cameras by brand, most popular cameras, and the most popular camera phones. The infographic shows that mobile phone cameras are the dominating way to take pictures today, however of the traditional cameras, most pictures are taken

Better Code Starts with Code Review

Bugs – the bane of a software developer’s existence. When not found and fixed quickly, even the most minor bugs can escalate to cause severe functionality issues for all kinds of software, not to mention causing hours of software team frustration spent locating and making fixes. Fortunately, as the below infographic illustrates, today’s code review

The Tablet Takeover

Tablets are quickly taking jobs away from laptops and PCs. Is this trend a flash in the pan or else the burgeoning of the next generation of computers? At first, it seemed that tablet would be used for media consumption only, but thanks to clever programmers and natural multi-touch interfaces, tablets, and in particular, the

The Death of WebSphere and WebLogic App Servers

We decided to take a look at our top 1000 Java customers to see what versions of Java they are using and what app servers are most commonly deployed. For example, just about everyone is on Java 1.6 with the most popular version being 1.6.0_20 followed closely by 1.6.0_26. What about app servers? What are

Kropped Infographic

This is my very first infographic i have attempted to graphically illustrate the progress of my site The colour scheme is based on the site’s and examines the clearest way to display the websites statistical data in a visual format. Link