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World’s Largest Stock Exchanges

When people think of suave business men in suits, the New York Stock Exchange (and Michael Douglas) is usually the first thing people think of. Although the New York Stock Exchange is very important to America’s economy, there are other major money power players in the world. Check out the big fish in the economic

US Bank Closures

In 2009 the United States and the rest of the world was hit with a huge recession. Banks started closing all over the country and the government scrabbled to come up with some sort of solution to a massive financial problem. At least 89 banks closed that year with more to follow. This infographic shows

Why Occupy Canada?

A movement has taken off in the United States featuring protests across the nation against big banks and government bailouts. The Occupy Wall Street movement has included demonstrations, urban camping and peaceful protests all across the US with a total of 70 cities and 600 communities participating. Link

What Happens When A Credit Card is Swiped?

Most people hand over their credit card to a store clerk without giving it a second thought to the payment process that goes on once he swipes the card. This infographic offers insight into what goes on once you hand over that little piece of plastic and how the charges are placed. Link

How Goldman Sachs Stole Silicon Valley

The infographic illustrates how Goldman Sachs bought up the Silicon Valley technology community after pocketing $2.9 billion in bailouts following the 2008 financial crisis. Understanding this helps us understand the causes of the current technology bubble as well as the moral hazard and price distortions created by bailouts. For speculators, the infographic also illustrates how

The Great Prosperity and The Great Regression

Before 1970, wages and overall compensation for production and non-supervisory workers tracked steadily upward alongside gains in productivity. From 1980 to 2009, no one did better than the top fifth. The poorest lost ground.