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The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Space Betting

This is the ultimate guide to Star Wars betting for all the Star Wars fans and super betters. Podracing, swoopracing, shockboxing, pit racing, grav-ball, and blob racing are all explained in detail and dissected. Whether its to master a new strategy or learn what Star Wars betting is all about this infographic can help. Link

How To Make A Short Film

Feel the need to make a movie but have no idea where to start? French television channel and film production company Canal+ is here to help with these flowcharts slash advertisements made by Euro RSCG. Link

Sex and Entertainment: Exploring the portrayal Sexuality Media Over Time

Just between 1998 and 2005, the number of sexual scenes on TV nearly doubled and of the “top” films between 1983 and 2005, 32% contained sex episodes. The portrayal of sexuality in the media has drastically changed overtime – therefore, Elements Behavioral Health has used its expertise to dissect this culture shift. Link

Is This Female Celebrity Pregnant?

If a female celebrity gains a little weight, eats a sandwich, or wears a dress that isn’t snug in the waist, it’ll take about ten minutes for a tabloid to run a headline speculating that she’s pregnant, preferably with a handy red arrow pointing at her stomach. This handy flow chart will help you figure