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Who Are Social Gamers?

Since 2010, social gaming has been expanding the gaming market and broadening the impact of gamification on business. And with sites like Zynga attracting 148 million unique gamers monthly, the trend is only growing. Here, we take a look at exactly who these social gamers are. Link

The Origin Story of Oregon Trail

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Oregon Trail is the most popular game to have survived for 3 decades. As far as I’m concerned, the oldest game in the entire world (excluding that game where you try to hang yourself so you can cut off blood to your brain and get a bit

Video Game Evolution

In 1972, on televisions across the country, two white lines appeared on opposite sides of a virtual court. A square “ball” bounced back and forth between these lines. These televisions were connected to the Magnavox Odyssey, and were playing the first version of Pong. The Odyssey was the first home video game console, and pong

Winning Rock Paper Scissors Every Time

To some, it is a simple game used to pass the time or to settle unimportant scuffles when split down the middle. To other, Rock Paper Scissors is life. The World Rock Paper Scissors Society holds a yearly world championship competition. Want to know how to master the game? Read on and learn from the

Nursery Crimes

Nursery Crimes is an imaginary game from an imaginary publisher. Upon the discovery of this non-existent game. I need for company and friendship was strangely strengthened. I became inherently awaare of my inability to complete this would-be-game without help from allies. Link

Mobile Gaming is Dominating the Gaming Industry

In the past video games came on cartridges, you played them on a big fat tube television in your parent’s basement and you told your friends about the level you reached at school the next day. Now you might still be living in your parent’s basement but the future of gaming is solidly mobile. Link