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A Look at Online Gaming

In recent years Online gaming has sky rocketed. Thanks to gaming consoles and also high speed internet connectivity, online gaming is a booming industry. Xbox, PS3 and even the PC have given new meaning to online gaming. Infact some game makers are hinting at completely stopping disc based games and switch to online gaming. Link

Addicted to Video Games

Gaming is a big business! In Korea, there are about 300 professional gamers, who play in 11 teams. Corporations pay as much as $ 20 million per year to sponsor team. Matches in Starcraft, the most popular game in Korea, are played in an olympic stadium, with 30,000 fans watching. Link

The Evolution of Video Game Genres

Video game genres are used to categorize video games based on their gameplay interaction, defined by a set of challenges. While some genres came out in the beginning, several video games pioneered and set the standard for such genres, changing the industry in the process. Let’s start our journey in the early 1950′s and shoot