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Social Gaming by the Numbers

This infographic provides statistical information for the social gaming industry. It breaks down the 25 most popular applications. It also provides information for who is using social media games.

Global Gaming Grows By Leaps and Bounds

This data is based purely on Pando’s client base, which while large (70 million have used the service since 2009, and more than 38 million will use it in 2011 alone), it can still only represent those users. That said, it is remarkable how quickly free-to-play online gaming continues to grow in the rest of

Tribunal Statistics

This infographic showcase what an impact the user maintained judgement system has accomplished in around seven months time. Link

The History of id Software

ID Software is often credited with creating the FPS genre, and although that’s not entirely true, ID did popularize the genre and forge the basic archetype upon which modern FPS games are constructed. In honor of the developers who continue to shape the face of FPS gaming, we at GameFront decided to celebrate this year’s

Halo Total Stats

An inforgraphic made by Bungie to celebrate closure of the servers. It includes all the stats of the servers from the website going up till going down. I do not claim ownership of this Infographic. All rights belong to Bungie. Link

Casinos Around The World

Ever wonder what are the top casino operating establishments around the globe? This infographic gives visual information about the top casinos around the globe and the most played casino games. Link

Magid on Gamers

Magid Media Futures™ is an annual survey of domestic consumers conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. In 2011 we talked to 2,482 consumers about topics ranging from mobile to cord-cutting. This infographic digs into our findings around the gaming ecosystem including who games, what they play, and what they spend. Link

5 Ways to Kill

Five ways to kill using just an iPhone. The Pros and Cons of everyday attack featuring the Assasinmaster. Link

Zynga in Numbers

This infographic illustrates the numbers behind social gaming pioneer Zynga. It contains user and revenue data, as well as growth rates and net earnings. Link