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New Mafia Dog

There are now even more reasons to play Gbanga with the launch of the first location-based digital pet: Mafia Dog. The customisable canine companion is given to every Mafioso who distinguishes themselves by reaching Level 10 in Gbanga Famiglia. The Mafia Dog adds a new element of responsibility and rewards to players who must interact

What You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

In Thanksgiving of 2008, Nintendo sold 3 games every 3 seconds—a remarkable feat for a system that started off as a playing card company. A true game-changer, Nintendo is one of the most successful and influential games on the market today, as depicted on the infographics. The development team, led by then 24-year-old Shigeru Miyamoto,

Shocking Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was released on November 8th and as it broke record sales in its first day, we decided to look into just how big this game was and compare it with modern day war costs to show just how big the scale is! Link

The Vita Launch

This infographic includes first-week sales data of the Playstation Vita and of other portable game consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS. Link

Microsoft’s Xbox is getting an update

Microsoft is adding more interface in its Xbox game console in U.S. users will then be able to navigate through films, TV shows and games with the movement of their hands in the air or sound of their voice. Link

Who Won The Buzz Battle for E3?

Was it Microsoft, which didn’t have any new hardware to show off but flaunted some highly anticipated games? Or maybe it was Sony grabbing the big buzz with its reveal of the PlayStation Vita. Or could it have been Nintendo with its groundbreaking Wii U?

The Real Cost of Sony’s PlayStation Network Outage

How much did the PlayStation Network outage cost Sony? With 77 million accounts details compromised and a reported $318 per record attached for the third party security firm alone, Sony are looking at a bill of $24.5 billion. If you add that to the recently announced customer compensation package and the revenues from the network